Hockey Wraparound and Mylec Hockey Announce Strategic Partnership

Hockey Wraparound and Mylec Hockey Announce Strategic Partnership

Hockey Wraparound and Mylec Hockey are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Wraparound’s top selling hockey blade protectors and Mylec’s top selling off-ice products.

With the need for off-ice hockey options and solutions growing due to the pandemic, the companies realized their joint roll in making the game more accessible for players and teams. The partnership brings together Mylec’s 50 years of experience in the hockey market and Hockey Wraparound’s innovative approach to blade protection and digital communication.

As part of the partnership, Hockey Wraparound has expanded their website to have an off-ice product mix that includes Mylec all-weather balls, gloves, and nets among other tools that will help players become better players off the ice. Mylec, in turn, will also be offering the Hockey Wraparound through their portals. The two will also collaborate to make engaging content for their audiences.

Lee Elias, the Team Leader of Hockey Wraparound, commented on the partnership, “In a time period where ice is not as accessible as we’d like it to be, we recognized the mutual benefit of teaming up to both enhance and compliment the ability for players to play and train off the ice. In addition to complimenting our existing product set, Mylec is also the perfect company to assist us with our Youth Initiative to help teams during this time. 

Ricky Laperriere, President of Mylec, also commented on the partnership, “We are always on the lookout for other American made companies that compliment the Mylec mission of being a trusted leader in the off-ice products. Over the past five years we have seen the Wraparound team grow from a start-up to being able to offer their product globally. We enjoy working with them and more importantly love their passion for the game.” 

Elias continued on Mylec’s role in his life, “My first hockey stick was a Mylec air-flow so my roots in the game also spawn from the company. It would be fair to say there would be no Hockey Wraparound without Mylec. I’m honored to work with them”

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