What is the Hockey Wraparound

Hockey Wraparound is an off-ice stick protector that allows you to play on any surface without damaging your blade.


What is the difference between models?

The Hockey Wraparound model is made from a privately formulated plastic and is meant to be used to build speed, accuracy and hockey performance.

The Weighted Wraparound model is a weighted training aid made from steel and is meant to be used to build strength.


What is it made from?

The Hockey Wraparound is made from a privately formulated plastic.

The Weighted Wraparound is made from stainless steel.


Can you use it in an ice hockey or roller hockey game?

Both Hockey Wraparound products were designed as a training aid and were not intended on being used on ice or in a roller hockey game. That being said, we have heard of plenty of people using the Hockey Wraparound successfully in games of all levels


How long will it last?

The lifespan of your Wraparound depends on many things – how often you use it, how you use it, skill level and other factors. Just like your hockey stick, it is not possible to accurately predict how long it will last.


How much does it weigh?

The Hockey Wraparound weights 39 grams

The Weighted Wraparound weighs 80 grams


Does it work with both right and left-handed sticks?

Yes! The Hockey Wraparound and the Weighted Wraparound will conform to a left or right-handed stick blade with no issue at all. It is recommended that you DO NOT switch to be opposite handed stick for the Weighted Wraparound as if you bend metal too much it is prone to break. The Hockey Wraparound has no issue changing from stick to stick as the plastic is more flexible.


Will it work with any stick curve?



Will it work on my wooden stick?

Both Wraparound models are designed to protect the more expensive carbon fiber blades and does not fit most wooden/ fiberglass blades well. The bottom is much thicker on wooden/ fiberglass blades resulting in a poor fit.


Does it work without tape?

It is highly recommended to use tape while using the Hockey Wraparound to ensure stability. Amount of tape and style of taping is personal preference.


Can you shoot with it?

The Weighted Wraparound was designed to allow you to build strength while stick handling and taking light shots. We do not recommend slap shots or aggressive play with the Weighted Wraparound.

The Hockey Wraparound is designed to mimic anything you can do on the ice, off the ice. There no issues at all taking any and all shots with the Hockey Wraparound but we recommend taping it on completely for slap shots.


Does the Wraparound effect the feel of your stick?

We have many high and low level hockey players use the Hockey Wraparound and they all agreed that after a few minutes of use you couldn’t tell it was there. You may feel a small amount of weight on your stick blade once applying the Hockey Wraparound but we find that after a few shots or minutes of puck handling your body adapts. We have created several training videos that show how this can be utilized to your advantage – check them out on our YouTube and social media channels.  


Can I get Hockey Wraparound in stores?

Yes. Check our out link to find the store closest to you



Help! My Hockey Wraparound broke. What do I do?

Contact us immediately! We have a 30-day guarantee to account for defective units. If you are outside of the 30 day window but feel you did not get your money worth, contact us ASAP and we can evaluate each situation on a case by case basis. We pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction and feedback.


I have an idea on how to improve the Hockey WrapAround. Who do I speak to?

We would love to hear your idea! Click on the contact form and let us know your thoughts.