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    Date: Oct 25, 2022 Title: NEW Hockey Wrap Around Durability Test - 1000+ Shot Challenge We get the question. A lot of what surface can use the hockey wrap around on? You can use it on any surface from smooth concrete to the roughest asphalt. Today we'll be shooting on asphalt in my driveway. All right, a few common questions we get asked about wraparound while in case you're shooting. Number one, wraparounds work on both left and right-handed stick. It's one unit for each, two the size of your stick, whether you're youth, intermediate, or senior. The wraparound will cut down to the length of your stick so that you can use it no matter what. Another thing about the wraparound is we've completely covered the toe of the stick so that you can practice your toe drags and other things while you're outside. One of the best features about the wraparound is it eliminates the small spaces that you may have with a shooting board or other training tools. Literally, the entire Earth is your surface to play on. Come on. Okay, we're 500 shots into this challenge, and the wraparound is barely showing any signs of wear already. Not to mention the toe is still intact. Let's keep going. Alright, travis has set up a little bit of a course here. This is rapid fire with Travis Bowman. Got to go bad, you guys, you can shoot on the ice. Travis, how do you feel? I think my allergy pill kicked in. Thank you for watching. All right, last doesn't shot. Here we go. Alright. I just tried to do 20 shots with the wrapper on, but the audio didn't work. So I'm gonna do another 20 shots at the wraparound just so you can hear the sound of this baby hitting the ground. It is barely worn out at all. We've already done a thousand shots. Let's keep going. Here we go. Ready? All right. We've already taken over a thousand shots with the wraparound now. Casey, how's it feel? Real smooth. Anyway, let's unwrap it and see how the stick and the wraparound are. Okay. First off, the wraparound is completely intact, and as you can see, although there's a little bit of wear on the bottom, it is still looking like it's brand new. It's even conformed to the curve of the stick. As for the stick, just like new. All right, we've taken over a thousand shots at this unit. Casey, how does it feel? Real smooth. Anyway, your phone ringed, so we have to do this again. You guys want to take it to lunch? Yeah. Smooth. Like I can.


    We put the Hockey Wraparound through a 1000+ shot durability test to see how it held up. Check out the results...