Our Homegrown Story

We are the #1 Hockey Stick Blade Protector in the World

Wraparound started in 2014 in England when we were stationed at RAF Lakenheath with our wives who both served honorably in the United States Air Force. Nearly a decade later and you have helped us become a globally sold hockey product.

We have gone from a single product company that only sold the original metal Wraparound, to a globally sold off ice hockey destination, because YOU and others like you have chosen to support us with your hard earned dollars.

  • lee elias co-owner Image

    lee elias


    Lee (@LeeMJElias) is our owner, CEO, and all around leader. Lee's background in hockey is long and extensive, ranging from directing NHL Live for NHL network to coaching semi-pro hockey in Europe (although he much prefers coaching at the youth level now that his kids play youth hockey) and he brings that same enthusiasm to Hockey Wraparound every day. When Lee isn't running the company, he is spends his time as a professional speaker, team builder and published author. But if you ask him, he most enjoys getting on the ice with his son and daughter, and spending time with his wife Janet.

  • matt eastman

    matt eastman


    Matt is also our owner and the brains behind everything from product engineering and design to day to day operations. Chances are that if you've ever sent us an email or DM, Matt is the guy you talked to. Matt's passion for Hockey Wraparound stems from his love for engineering and the challenges that come with it. Originally, when Wraparounds were still made exclusively from metal, Lee and Matt were told that "You will never be able to make a plastic wraparound". The next day, Matt created a plastic Wraparound prototype from an Herbal Essence shampoo bottle. He's been in charge of product design ever since. When Matt isn't handling logistics, he's enjoys hiking with his wife and their four boys.

  • katelynn Reiss

    community manager

    Katelynn is the youngest member of our team. We met Katelynn by chance at a local festival (she recognized us from one of our videos and struck up a conversation). Katelynn also started as an intern, but quickly rose to the position of community manager because of her enthusiasm for the game and her passion for photography. When Katelynn isn't taking photos for us and our products, she enjoys doing photography for bands at events and festivals.

  • Becky Sebring

    Social Media Coordinator

    Becky is our youngest team member, and started out as an intern while completing her Master's program. Pursuing her passion of bringing people together, she helps Katelynn manage Wraparound's social media pages, email campaigns, and video production. When Becky isn't in the office, she enjoys traveling, crafting, and spending time with her fiance, Ethan, and her cat, Riggs.