The Hockey Wraparound Youth Intiative

With rink closures and limited ice availability, we know that a lot of organizations and teams are having a hard time knowing what direction to go in. Our Youth Initiative aims to provide off-ice and outdoor training products for an extremely low cost in addition to online development, leadership and organizational training in a community based format. 

Watch the videos below for more information and contact to get started.

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Our initiative will provide each player with a starter option of the Hockey Wraparound Stick Blade protector, off-ice ball or puck, and a roll of tape for $19.99, well below the normal retail price of $45. In addition, all participants will be invited to join the online team building community where they can interact with other members and benefit from free training courses and seminars with the initiative’s founders, Lee Elias and Mike Bonelli. 

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If you or your team are interested in participating or learning more about the Hockey Wraparound Youth Initiative, reach out to


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