We spent a year developing the first Hockey Wraparound and we’ve spent another year perfecting our upgraded version. Through countless hours of testing along with asking fans and pros that use the Wraparound, we have made some small changes that make a big impact on the quality of our product. 
Upgrades include: 
  • 33% thinner teeth around the toe for better fit and visual experience
  • Modified plastic polymer resulting in increased durabilty
  • Added crosshatch texture for better grip & control
  • Created a wear indicator to track product lifespan
  • New toe design for more strength and stability 
  • New packaging that matched the entire family or Wraparound products
The Upgraded Wraparound is available now here, on Amazon and in stores:
Watch Wraparound in action: Featuring John Schiavo

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I have been using one singular wrap around all summer, since hockey on ice is out I have been Rollerblading with my friends almost every morning at 6:30am and It has been a fantastic thing to have and I am so happy we got it. 5/5


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