The Wraparound Roundtable Episode 4 - Changing The Way We Look At Blades With Bladetech

The Wraparound Roundtable Episode 4 - Changing The Way We Look At Blades With Bladetech

This week we are giving away a set of Bladetech hockey mirror stainless blades with customized engraving in addition to a branded t-shirt and hat. We had a great conversation with Anthony Morra, the CEO of Blade Tech about his team and their journey to change the way we look at the blades on our skates.

It would be fair to say that Bladetech has innovated the steel space in recent years as the quality and technology of skate blades has evolved drastically. Their “Flex Force” technology was rigorously tested and has results to prove an average 5.5% increase in speed when used. Moreover, Bladetech introduced the customization of steel, both in engraving and colors, to fully allows players to express themselves in a way never thought possible before.

In our extended episode, which you can watch here, we dive deeper into the customization aspect of the steel and how Bladetech continues to grow as a company.

Take a watch of the video, find the code word and fill out the entry form below and you’ll be entered in to win this weeks prize.

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Entering to win for my son. He has been using bladetech for the last three years. It’s the only steel he will use.
Vicki Puliafitopaul

Entering for my son who would LOVE to skate on a slick set of Blade Tech blades!

Dann Karlson

Flexforce technology is top notch and can’t wait to help my goalie try it.


Entering to win for either my daughter, a goalie!


Entering to win for my son who is really big into these new blades and loves anything that can be customized.

Sonja Lane

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