GIVEAWAY - Is The Tovi Hockey Stick The Greatest Hockey Stick Ever Created??

GIVEAWAY - Is The Tovi Hockey Stick The Greatest Hockey Stick Ever Created??

This week on the Wraparound Roundtable, we are giving away a TOVI hockey stick with the patented DiamondAire™ BLADE along with a Tovi hat.

You’ve most likely seen a TOVI hockey stick in the wild - sometimes known as “the stick with the holes in it," but today we are going to share more information on what separates TOVI from the pack and why many are saying that it is the greatest hockey stick every created.

We were joined on this episode of the show by Rich Fucillo, the COO and co-founder of TOVI, and Mike Dube, NHL Technical Analyst for TOVI, to discuss both in brief and in-depth the story behind TOVI and how the stick came to be.

In our extended interview (watch here) the two dive deeper into why they believe TOVI sticks are not just innovative, but are the stick of the future.

We will be picking a winner one week after this blog is posted - so jump in now!

To enter in to win this week’s prizes:

1. Retrieve the code word from the video below

2. Enter that word and the requested into the form below

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This Giveaway Is Now Closed!

Thanks so much for entering, please check out our next giveaway soon!

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Would love to get my hands on one of these. I’ve always liked to be the first to try new equipment and gadgets. TOVISTRONG

Patrick Johnson

I currently use the wraparound blade protector and have so for the past several years.
Excellent product!

Kevin Latvala
I’ve waned a tovi stick for so long
David Garfinkel
TOVISTRONG. Secret Word for TOVI DiamondAire Hockey Stick and TOVI Hat! Extremely excited about this give-away as I intend to buy the TOVI Mirage Pro VIII AND The TOVI Raven Junior, using TOVI’s Diamond Club Membership. We are a large hockey family with one playing High School (age 16) and the other Hockey Club STL (age 6). Anyway, thank you for this opportunity, looking forward to getting this innovative TOVI hockey stick on the ice.
Randy Schriewer
Minus being great friends with the creator of HWA and many other products, the one thing I enjoy about these little episodes/give away is that even though we know that the code word usually happens at the end of the video, I tend to enjoy listening to the whole video as it’s always interesting to hear how the product came about and why it was created. It’s like watching flashbacks or a prequel in movies and tv shows. It gives it a meaning and a purpose rather than just a “product”
Jeff Dwyer

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