Hockey Wraparound and SuperDeker Announce Strategic Partnership

Hockey Wraparound and SuperDeker Announce Strategic Partnership

Hockey Wraparound and SuperDeker are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Wraparound’s top selling hockey blade protectors and SuperDeker’s top-selling hockey training system.
As part of the partnership, SuperDeker will be offering Hockey Wraparound Blade Protectors, which eliminates the possibility of tape residue and scuff marks on the game’s playing surface, via In turn Hockey Wraparound will be offering exclusive offers to their fan base including SuperDeker products. Both companies have also committed to shared media across their social channels.
Lee Elias, the Team Leader of Hockey Wraparound, commented on the partnership, “We are always looking for innovative ways that our product can be used to help grow the game. SuperDeker is a household name in the hockey community and upon realizing that the Wraparound could enhance that experience, we were 100% in. We are looking forward to helping and interacting with hockey families while also logging some serious time on our SuperDeker in the process.” 
Andy Healey, Commercial Officer at SuperDeker, also commented on the partnership, “This relationship sparked organically. I brought home a Wraparound for my son to try and we realized quickly that it was the perfect solution for the scuff marks on our SuperDeker. Both the Wraparound team and ourselves take a trust-first approach with our fan bases and we are very excited to put this partnership into effect.” 
Healey continued on the practicality of using the Wraparound with the SuperDeker, “We know tape residue and scuff marks on the SuperDeker’s paying surface from a player’s hockey stick is a nuisance to many of our fans. Simply putting a Wraparound on a players stick over the tape eliminated this issue. Moreover, no additional tape was required for the Wraparound to stay in place.” 


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