What Is The Wraparound Roundtable?

What Is The Wraparound Roundtable?

Welcome to The Wraparound Roundtable Show and Podcast - your premier destination for exploring the most innovative and impactful ideas in the hockey world. We're more than just a your regularly scheduled content; we're a celebration of creativity and entrepreneurship in hockey, featuring groundbreaking people and products revolutionizing the game.

Wraparound made digital headlines when a major hockey company introduced a similar product. This recognition was both humbling and a stark reminder of the challenges faced by smaller, independent businesses in the industry. However, instead of dwelling on competition, we choose to uplift and spotlight those who, like us, started with a bold idea and turned it into reality. We focus on independent and family-owned and operated companies, the backbone of the hockey community, bringing their unique stories and visions to the forefront.

Our Podcast Format:

  • Regular Giveaways: Each episode of The Wraparound Roundtable includes an exclusive giveaway, offering our followers a chance to win amazing hockey-related prizes.
  • Concise Episodes: Our episodes are designed to be around 5 minutes on average, perfect for a quick watch/listen.
  • Extended Deep Dives: For those interested in more in-depth content, we will also offer longer episodes on our YouTube Channel that delve deeper into the fascinating stories behind people and products in the hockey world.

Join us at The Wraparound Roundtable for a blend of exciting giveaways and captivating stories from the hockey world. It's all about celebrating the game we love and the incredible people who are changing it. Tune in now for your dose of hockey inspiration and a chance to win big!

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