We already know you will love the Hockey Wraparound, but you don't have to take our word for is what our fans are saying....

Thank you guys so much. The order came so fast I was shocked after reading everyone's comment of it taking weeks to arrive. I was willing to wait cause it looks pretty sweet and very helpful but I was psyched at how fast we received it.
Steph - Maine, USA
After using the product for almost a year I have no damage to my stick. Amazing product. Buy this stuff its worth it. I love it!
If anyone needs something that could protect their stick blade out in the street, I recommend the Hockey Wraparound.
As both a hockey fan and player, I love the WrapAround! Affordable and keeps my stick protected off-ice!
Jesse McClure - @StorageHuntersKing
Thanks so much Hockey Wraparound! Your product has helped me stay on track by practicing off-ice while injured.
Working on my own 1000 shot challenge. My Hockey Wraparound is holding up well!
Thanks for this awesome product! I have no chips on my blade and my stick handling is way better.
Thank you Hockey Wraparound! I can finally play on concrete with my good stick and it works great!
This thing is awesome!
Just spent a nice day outside shooting pucks. My Hockey WrapAround worked great. Definitely a good investment!
Great Product! Well worth it!
Great product Hockey WrapAround. My blade is in perfect condition!
I'm a hockey mom of a peewee up in Maine and we're constantly looking for new training tools to improve his game. I can't wait for him to get outside with his game stick and work on his skills. 
Steph, Maine
Got my Hockey Wraparound yesterday. Everyone this is an amazing product. Go Follow their account!
Thank you so much for this product! Probably the best purchase I've made.
Out here shooting with the Hockey Wraparound. Great invention boys!
I love the Hockey Wraparound so much. Just got a new stick and I dont have to worry about stick handling and wrecking the blade!
Thanks a lot for the product! Its been great and my blade is undamaged!
Thanks for this amazing product! Its works like a charm!
Put it on, taped my stick and shot some pucks. When I was finished I look of the tape and the blade was perfect! Thank you for a great product.

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